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Warning: You are about to read some spoilers! If you haven't read the comic I suggest you do so first before reading this!

This page consists of synopsis' of the characters that have currently been introduced in the story. It will be updated in the future as character's appear throughout.

The Good

NAME: Lucinda Macon. AGE: 15

From the young age of eight, Lucinda discovered a world beyond imagination, a world where she would soon meet her best friend, Rye Silverclaw. These, as she thought, were the best times of her life, until the day the creature that was known as Yoko tried to make a proposition towards her Father, Filmore. This resulted in a chain of events that gave Lucinda year's of forgotten memories and a blank past. Yoko had realized that Lucinda was still alive, and went on the offensive, attacking her at the hospital who's care she was under. This shock had caused Lucinda's memories to surface. Lucinda, now knowing some of the truth, seeks to deliver her Father's murderer to an untimely end.

Rye is a demon who was working for a council of demon's known as the "Court" that acts as a beneficiary for demonkind. Seven year's prior to the story, Rye came across a young girl named Lucinda, who he became captivated by, becoming best friends with her. Soon however, Lucinda stopped visiting him, and Rye was left to return to his duties with the Court. Since those event's seven year's ago, Rye decided to visit Lucinda in her home via a standard portal. However he was unaware that the portal was a one-way trip. Now he's trapped, staying in Lucinda's apartment until he manages a way back home.

NAME: Rye SilverClaw. AGE: 746

(in dog years)

NAME: Bess Felder. AGE: 16

For the past two years, living as Lucinda's roommate, Bess has been there, going to school with her friend and helping share the cost of rent. Everything seemed normal, until Lucinda's old friend came for a visit out of the blue. Now Bess has been dealing with all sorts of strange events since that fateful encounter, and having to share her space with an annoying dog-faced guy wasn't her idea of fun. Recent happenings led Bess to discover she could hear the thoughts of those around her, to the extent it became unbearable and that the only way to suppress it was to wear a purple, witch-like hat given to her by the woman known as Dyer. Currently, Bess has stumbled across a book with a vast quantity of hidden knowledge that resonates with her. It was confusion and more confusion until Dyer told her that Bess, turned out to be a witch. Since then, she's tried to make sense of things and taken a crack at magic to improve her abilities. After all, If she's going to be a witch, she may as well be a good one.
Mitty is a fellow Demon, and the sister of Rye Silver, her adoptive brother. Her passions follow only two teachings, the love of science, and the love of cooking. She was sent by the Council to find her brother, who was currently living with a human known as Lucinda Macon. Whilst arriving to collect her brother, the apartment was under attack from a monsterous entity. Mitty sprang into action, surprising her brother, Lucinda and Bess with her appearance, raising a few questions as well. After the day's events, Mitty settled in rather quickly, deciding that,

"I think I'll stay here for awhile, things are gonna get pretty interesting!" - Mitty Silverclaw.

Recently, Mitty discovered the existence of the paranormal entity known as Dot, hanging around the apartment, mainly around Lucinda. Through her efforts to view and extinguish the ghost. Mitty made the discovery that Dot, wasn't evil, and quickly became friends with her. After so many strange events all at once, Mitty can't ignore what's going on around her. With so many fun things happening, you need a fox in the mix to liven things up.

NAME: Mitty SilverClaw. AGE: 112

NAME: Dorothy ____. AGE: ??

Dorothy. She doesn't remember anything else other then her name, and insists that her friends, or atleast her friend, Lucinda, call her Dot for short. For the last thirty year's, Dot has been in a deep, coma-like sleep within the apartment until the arrival of Lucinda and the power of her strange eye had stirred something in her. Now Dot haunt's the apartment complex, wandering from room to room, though only really staying close to her friend Lucinda, the only one who can hear and see her presence. A new creature, found by Bess, named Fufu, can also see Dot and keeps her company alot of the time when everyone is out of the apartment. With Dot spending more and more time on her own again, she spent it discovering the different rooms and seeing what everyone did day to day. Though getting caught playing with some of Mitty's stuff, started an investigation by Mitty herself into the existence of ghosts, namely Dot. She soon became fully known by everyone else in the apartment(except for Lucinda and Fufu) and when Mitty finally made contact with her successfully, became friends with everyone there, despite her nervous and shy nature at first. With Mitty making it possible for everyone to see Dot without the use of her Corpsenator Eye-glass she had made specifically for viewing ghosts, Dot has become a member of the Apartment and frequently appeared more and more to join in discussions and generally help when she can. Everyone else is becoming fonder of Dot as time has gone on, because naturally, A friendly ghost is the best ghost to have.

Wee Look~ I'm a Scientist! I can do science stuff! dop de doo dop~ - Dorothy

Who is Dyer? What is Dyer? Nobody really knows, the only thing we do know however is that she'll come running when the cat buzzer given to Lucinda is pressed. She has knowledge far exceeding her years about things that not many in the world knows about. She has quite the sense of humour, making rude and loud joke's when she can, always at the expense of others, causing laughter with many, or atleast for herself. For unknown reasons, Dyer is at the top of the list for the enemies of the Court that Rye and Mitty belong to. What she did may never be discussed, but to be the subject of a council of demon's is no laughing matter. Although I'm sure she has a joke or two about it somewhere.

Did you hear about the Chicken and the Demon? Neither did the council but it was a pretty good yolk! - Dyer

NAME: Dyer. AGE: ??

The Bad

NAME: Yoko. AGE: ??

The Villainess of the story. The antagonist of our protagonist. The older sister of Dyer, Seven years ago, Yoko had attempted to make a deal with Lucinda's father Filmore for unknown reasons. But after being refused, she attacked Lucinda in anger who had been listening in on the conversation. Dyer however, had stepped in to protect the child and attempt to talk some sense into her elder sister. Yoko however was having no part in listening to reason, knocking Dyer unconscious, she killed Filmore and Lucinda, fleeing the scene with the blood still fresh on her hands. Years later, Yoko found out that Dyer had somehow brought Lucinda back from the brink of death, and has since planned her methods to finish the job, acquiring followers over the years. For Yoko, It's a long time coming, but she plans to finish what she started all those years ago.

You fool. Do you really think that would kill me? - Yoko

NAME: Nova. AGE: ??

Nova is a sorcerer who likes to wear pretty dresses. For as long as anyone could remember, Nova has always had a deep hatred for demons.

MY HAIR!! - Nova

NAME: Dante. AGE: ??

The mysterious man who never shows his face, Dante has been known to be overprotective about Nova for reasons beyond anyone knowledge.

Whatever. - Dante


Creator & Artist

NAME: Katherine E. Shook

Twitter: @KatvsOreo

Katherine Shook has been drawing ever since she can remember, when she discovered the wonderful world of web-comics in 2008 she started turned her stories into comics and then created Cramberries. She's started the comic back in 2009 when she was still new to the weird style. She's currently settled down at her hometown in Georgia (USA).

Co-Creator & Editor

NAME: Jamie-Lee Morton

Twitter: @Seranatis

Jamie-Lee is a freelancer writer that met Katherine back when she first started the comic, it wasn't until 2012 when he decided to become the editor of the comic by also providing his writing ideas and monster designs. Jamie currently lives in Birmingham United Kingdom.