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CB Xmas comic

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Reply KitKatMuffin, December 15th, 2010, 12:05 pm

Flalalalala lalalala~ Happy holidays everyone! Story starts back next week!

For anyone who curious of what there talking about here it is:

First panel Mitty had an evil idea, the

Second panel Bess is saying that Rocco looks like an elf and Rocco was getting mad about it.

Third panel Rye was agreeing with Bess while Rocco was disagreeing about it (Lucinda was just laughing which is weird and out of character O_o)

Fourth of course Rye and Lucinda both saw the mistletoe above them.

Fifth panel Rye gets nervous and tries to say laugh about it as a joke, Lucinda was quiet.

Sixth panel she sneaks attacks him with a kiss.

and as for the Seventh panel them being shy while Mitty clams victory.

Author's Comments

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