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Chapter Fifteen

Ch 15 Page 28

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Reply KitKatMuffin, July 15th, 2015, 9:02 am

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good month break from the comic, we're so glad to be back and drawing comics again! Trust me, I've missed drawing my babies<3

Before we continue with the chapter, you might follow the comic's Tumblr and already read this post, if you haven't the short gist of it is that I quit my full time job for person reasons. While on one hand I have time to draw as many comics as I like to, sadly it doesn't help me financially. However, if you become a patron on my Patreon, I can not only provide more Cramberries for you guys, but it'll also help us as well! Please think about considering it! We're in the process of making a poster/postcard for you guys to say our thanks, its just taking a while cause of all the characters in it (goodness!).

In other news we are very proud to announce of the upcoming website for Cramberries will be released very soon! We're just working out some bugs on the site so please have patience.

Thank you for waiting and we hope you enjoy reading!

Author's Comments

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