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January 2nd, 2012, 6:33 pm

Happy New Year's

Its a bit late to wish a happy new year, but better late then never as they say!

Its the beginning of a new year readers, which means I can tell you the big news! Start in today I will be updating Cramberries twice a week,. That's right, its going back to its old schedule. I haven't been able to do it since aloe has happened, but the once a week updating was killing me since Cramberries is finally getting to the good parts.

More good news as well! I finally got the password to the so there will be some goodies for you if you vote for the comic like mini comics, special art pictures, behind the scenes of some of the characters and much more! The voting will chance once a month, since drawing comics twice a week is already stressful enough.

Other news is that sometime this month I will update the fan-art page since I got quiet a bit of fan-art for the past few months. Lastly is that I have put the Cramberries book on a pause, my comic isn't popular enough for people wanting to buy a copy so I am waiting till the story is over (which is god knows how long) to start back on the possessing of the comic book.

Hope you guys enjoy this year!

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