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August 7th, 2014, 2:00 pm

Attention readers!

We're coming to a end to chapter 14 soon. However, before that happens we have some things to tell you.

Chapters one through six will be deleted from the website soon!
We'll be taking down the old pages for the time being so we can go back to rewrite and redraw the whole thing for old readers to enjoy and for new readers to get a better understanding of the story.

What does this mean? How are we suppose to read the comic now?
Of course we have a plan for a temporary replacement for the old comics. Before we take them down we'll have a summary (or a "the story so far") to read so new readers won't get confused about what's happened so far.

I like the old pages, can I still read them?
Kat is very flattered if you truly do like the old pages, if you still want to read them there's always DrunkDuck, the mirror website. It's the first webcomic hosting site she used when she first posted the comic. She hasn't changed anything about it due to fond memories so you can read the old pages there.

Will fixing up the old pages take long?
In the past few years, Kat has drawn 99 pages that consist of the first 6 chapters that are going to be changed and fixed. It may take some time, but both I the editor, and the artist herself are determined to get the job done for you readers and for ourselves.

How does this effect the story now?
It shouldn't effect the story to much, it may mean however that the comic will slow down in its updates whilst work is done to improve and update the older pages. So instead of the pages updating three times a week, it may drop to once or twice a week instead. There'll atleast be two updates a week, though only one in the odd occasion as we get all this work done.

I myself, do understand what she's trying to do, and I hope you, the readers, will bare with us as we try to improve the overall comic for you and for future readers. If there is any questions, feel free to comment on this news post or send a message either to myself or Kat via the Smackjeeves website, or Drunkduck if needs be. Thanks for giving us your time in reading this series, it's been a long road and there'll be further traveling to go until we see the end but it'll be a fun journey to finish.

Seranatis~ and Kitkatmuffin~

P.S - If you want to support the comic, we now have a Patreon set up so we can earn money to we can focus more on comic work then actual work. Thanks for the support!

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