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November 4th, 2013, 4:18 pm

News, news, and more news!

Hello readers Kat here and I want to personally thank you all for still reading this slowly developing comic, I promise that there will be a lot more action and cool stuff coming very soon in this current chapter (thirteen)!

The title is no lie, I do have some news for everyone! You might have notices that we've just been uploading the comic on Monday, there's a reason for that. About a month ago I lost my job so I've been working for my family as much and been trying to get my commissions, and prints out there so I can save up money for my trip to England. I'll be gone for all of February, but don't you worry the comic! I've been trying my best to make as much buffer pages as possible so I won't leave anyone empty handed, so when I'm gone the comic will continue to uploaded pages as planned. As for the comic I felt bad for not being able to make comics for Thursdays, so I started to doodle some mini comics to explain the world of Cramberries on Thursdays while the main story will be uploaded on Mondays. If anyone has any questions about the whatnot of the comic, just message me (or twitter me @KatvsOreo) and I'll answer your question in a mini comic. THIS IS NOT THE PERMANENT SCHEDULE! The comic will return to its normal update once the editor and I get settled in to our own apartment in March.

Again, I want to thank you all for reading! It means a lot to me to have readers such as you not give up on reading my comic. I hope you all have a good day!


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