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November 10th, 2014, 11:22 am

Editor Here.

Hey guys, it's Seranatis, the editor. So, I'm dropping a quick post to let you know the status of things.
Currently, the Artist/Co-writer Kitkatmuffin is ill, it's akin to the flu but a step down from that, so not a heavy cold, but not the flu, something inbetween I like to call, The coldgorgon. nasty beast of a creature.
So, there'll be a few delays with pages, I'll try and make some sort of fillers so you people have atleast something to gander at. And with that, and with her job, it's just abit hard for her to actually leave the bed without passing out. So there'll be delays, but there'll be new pages very soon, atleast once a week minimum!
And I'll pick up the slack with random filler stuff like that misc rubbishy gif I made of fufu.

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